Pranic HealerYou Have an Infinite Potential to Heal Ataana offers a variety of services.

I can assist you in dealing with disease, grief, depression, paranormal disturbances, abuse, addictions and unhealthy relationships so that, once again, you can live life with passion and love.

There are no limitations on how energy work can support you.

Individual Sessions + Distance Healing

Combining techniques from psychotherapy, energy healing and his method, individual healing sessions adjust the energy flow of your emotional, mental, physical, astral and spiritual bodies. This multi-dimensional technique, which Ataana has developed after extensive work with clients around the world, teaches individuals how to initiate and maintain the self-healing process. During the deeply transformative experience, you will be given techniques for how you can heal your whole self, and live in alignment with your true self, with the world, and with Source.

Distant Healing Sessions
30 minutes Phone or Office Sessions @ $75.00
1 hour Phone or Office Sessions @ $150.00
1 hour 30 minutes Phone or Office Sessions @ $225.00
2 hours Phone or Office Sessions @ $300.00
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Crystal Healing

Whether the healing you seek is emotional, mental, physical or spiritual, Ataana will pair you up with the right healing crystal that is charged and personally attuned to you.To support you to attract, enhance or transform what’s needed. Crystal Healing provides long lasting change and maintains the momentum.

Read these Crystal Healing testimonials to understand the powerful affect working with crystals can bring into your life or your business.

Crystal Healing Session
1 hour Phone or Office Sessions @ $150.00 + the cost of purchasing your healing crystal.
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1ment Transmission

Pranic Healing1ment Transmission are group attunements that awaken your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energies so that you can better align with Source.

If you feel disconnected or just need a tune up this is for you. You are welcome to participate with as many 1ment sessions as desired. 1ment is Ataana’s creative way to conduct, Gods healing light.

1ment is available over the phone, online or in Nashville, every Wednesday from 1:30pm-2pm CDT ($10).
*The 1ment recording is available for people who register, per each session.

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Energy Healing Workshops

Ataana offers Energy Healing Trainings. These trainings activate self-healing and awaken the full potential in your Spiritual Journey.

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