Affirmations Have a Deep Transcendental Impact.

Affirmations help you let go of abuse and invite well-being. Much of what we know, we learned through repetition. A habit is usually created after 21 days of repetition. After this, it is accepted as a truth.

So teach yourself a new way of being, by a way of repeating affirmations.

Many ask me, if it is not better not to say the word no, for affirmative proclamations.

My Answer is, we have to say no in certain situations and this is a good exercise to learn it.

These affirmations have been designed to create a balance and seeds of new possibilities in your Life, first repeat the affirmation as they are, then your mind starts to create choices of affirmations write them down and start to repeat this for 21 days, like I now choose the vibration required to manifest and attract the energy of healthy choices etc.

(Example: Affirmation) You start repeating this affirmation for 21 Days

I no longer choose the vibration required to manifest or attract the energy of hopelessness in my life.

After 21 Days your Mind creates the Affirmative aspect, I NOW CHOOSE TO MANIFEST AND ATTARCT THE ENERGY of HOPE AND SUPPORT. Write it on paper and affirm this for another 21 days,

A total of 42 days is a complete cycle for the dualistic aspect to transform.

The main flow is, to embrace the consciousness of understanding that we have a choice before the event is actually happening or taking place, whatever this event might be (abuse, separation or unhealthy events).

This goes even further back than it looks like, first we no longer choose the vibration, than the energy, than the attraction faPositive Healing Affirmationsctor and all this before the event even takes place.

So your system is realizing that you have an impact on the design of your blueprint, this is a consciousness that you will take with you wherever you go.

Pick one affirmation every 42 days, repeat it as often as you can.

The best times to recite your affirmations are before you go to sleep and when you wake up, spoken out loud. Also during the day repeat them in your mind and if you can speak them out loud with intend.
Choose from the following menu of affirmations:

~A Peaceful Spirit Is One That Is In Harmony With Itself And The World~